Penny Pax And Jaclyn Taylor Sugar Babies Part Two [Full HD 1080p] 1.46 GB

Penny Pax And Jaclyn Taylor Sugar Babies Part Two [Full HD 1080p] 1.46 GB

Penny Pax And Jaclyn Taylor Sugar Babies Part Two [Full HD 1080p]

Previously on Sugar babies we saw Penny Pax turn from a depressed yet budding young beauty, who was starved for money to pay for school and life with her boyfriend Jesse Jones turn into a confused and jaded sugar baby by her new favorite couple James Deen and Chanel Preston, in order to help pay her bills and get ahead of the curve.Often, it is those who take chance opportunities in life, and overcome the big hurdles that end up shining, and thrive in the levelling aftermath. Will Penny turn out to be among those powerful survivors?Penny returns home to her confused and frustrated bf Jesse. He seems to feel sure that his advice was sound, and clearly expects to have the 'I told you so' moment. At every turn, he throws Penny's choices back in her face in the most subtile way, showing her that he wants to be a good supportive boyfriend. He knows he has to be there for her through everything, and says he supports her decisions but, his silent, cutting remarks show that he expects her to deal with her self-ruin all on her own, but for now, he'll play along.Jesse pulls out a soft pink rope, and promises to get kinky, but not be crazy or nothing like that. Penny, clearly tired, plays along, and lets him tie her up. but once everything is bound, he turns on a dime, and expresses how he feels about her being such a slut, and even forces her to see the light by welcoming Jaclyn Taylor to the mix. Jaclyn tells Penny what she is, without a mention or acknowledgement for her true feelings. Jaclyn was in her shoes, and is determined, with Jesse's help to show her the slut she is.Jaclyn starts to fuck Jesse right in front of Penny, taking his huge cock into her warm hungry mouth, all while Penny screams for them to stop, that what they're doing is wrong, and she never wanted to do what she did for pleasure. Jesse and Jaclyn don't stop. Jaclyn uses her warm throat to get Jesse rock hard. she shows Penny what Jesse likes, and then climbs on to show her exactly how Jesse wants to be fucked by a real slut. She pounds her ass down on his massive cock like she can't get enough. She lies back over Penny to let Jesse fuck her as close as possible before making Jesse cum on Penny's face. A perfect white facial to match her clear stream of tears.

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