Ali(They Taught Me Some New Things Today) [Full HD 1080p] 4.62 GB

Ali(They Taught Me Some New Things Today) [Full HD 1080p] 4.62 GB

Ali(They Taught Me Some New Things Today) [Full HD 1080p]

So here at ExploitedCollegeGirls we have a broad spectrum of model requirements when it comes the girls we accept. Lets see, they have to be 18-24, first timers duh, height / weight proportionate with an enthusiasm to take their clothes off and be open minded to new experiences and willing to try new things for the first time with the results being, they have the best sex of their lives . . . and that’s it. Those are our core beliefs and even though a silent majority of you viewers say nothing and many of you say great things about the girls. But each and every single fucking week many of you that comment or give feedback, yes you our adoring fans, tells me how the scene would have been better with a creampie. The other half screams more facials and I’m paying for facials, or creampies, and when Tyler gives you both in the same scene?! Welllllll then it’s, we need more shower sex, or give us more car pickups and how about more diversity and dark skinned girls, lighter skinned girls, bigger tits, thicker girls, less tattoos, we want thin crack whore types that are rail thin. Sometimes it’s less piercings, more piercings, smaller natural breasted girls with red hair and the specification requests go on and on and on. It’s never ending and sometimes it’s enough to make a guy go crazy. As if I have a magic wand that can miraculously satisfy each and every person’s request in every single video. In fact because these girls are first timers I have no idea what type of sex or experience these girls have had before they walk in, and just like a box of chocolates? I never know what we’re about to get until we bite into them and every shoot is essentially a surprise. Thankfully, variety is the spice of life and as long as we continue to feed the machine with fresh faces that meet our core beliefs and requirements then I’m happy. And today we’re satisfying the group that’s been screaming for more gorgeous mixed race girls, ones that are a little bit thicker and have that exotic look to them who also support larger than average milking melons that beg to be sucked on. So without further ado let me introduce 22-year-old Ali who’s here to try something new and like the title says, we taught this girl some new things today. She also has a foot fetish and gets extremely wet when her toes are sucked on. Kinky, and one of the new things sexy Ali found out today was that facials are fun and that first ever facial happened at (1:10:13). But the biggest first for this girl happened towards the beginning before Tyler Nixon’s cock penetrated the sensitive pink folds of her pussy for her first ever squirting’s at (27:45 & 28:45) for 2 of her record breaking 4 orgasms she had today and I’d say this girl had the best sex of her life for sure. So enjoy sexy and exotic Ali everyone, safe travels and until next weeks update, tootles.

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