Aubry(Thank You Sooooo Much Daddy) [Full HD 1080p] 4.8 GB

Aubry(Thank You Sooooo Much Daddy) [Full HD 1080p] 4.8 GB

Aubry(Thank You Sooooo Much Daddy) [Full HD 1080p]

A girl that takes it up the ass with daddy issues and appears to have no limits is every middle aged perv’s wet dream and that’s exactly who’s sitting on the ExCoGi bed today. Meet smokingly hot, 20-year-old Aubry who acts older and more mature than any 20 year old we’ve had the pleasure of exploiting lately but this girl walks the talk and she has a lot to say. So get ready for this non- discriminating walking hormone because she has a thing for “Silver Foxes” and the oldest guy she’s ever fucked was 60. Yea baby, so the next time all you ‘Silver Foxes” are in for your yearly checkups or colonoscopies just think, the young nurse or candy striper that’s lifting your ball sack to sponge bathe you just might be copping a feel and wishing you would reach up under her nursing outfit for some finger action. HOPE! It’s that magical word that keeps us all wishing that girls like Aubry would move in next door and sun bath nude in the back yard. Well if you’re lucky enough, that’s exactly what she likes to do when she’s not in public and just relaxing at home or hiking in the secluded hills around her place. She’s a nudist and every chance she gets she takes her clothes off and parades around in all the glory God bestowed upon her and she’s got a lot of glory to parade. So is Aubry into girls? She is, and she’s going to be one of the sweeties we launch our new Girl/Girl site ExCoGiGirls with. She also did her Anal debut over on Rick’s BackroomCastingCouch site and she took it up the ass there as well but she didn’t do all her firsts for Ricky. Nope! And of course Tyler Nixon had her lick his ass for her first ever Rimming, Ass to Mouth and Anal Creampie for all you anal lovers. Glory oh gosh we have a live one here so sit back in your seats everyone because the ride's about to take off. And remember to stay seated with your seat belts securely fastened, keep all hands and feet within the moving car at all times because girls like Aubry really do exist. So enjoy the ride.

Porno Genre: Rimming, Gonzo, Hardcore, Anal, Couples, All Sex

Duration: 01:20:55 

Quality: Full HD 

Type Quality: 1080p

Format: mp4

Video: 1920x1080

Size: 4.8 GB

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