Haley Reed (Dark Chocolate Easter Anal) [Full HD 1080p] 2.78 GB

Haley Reed (Dark Chocolate Easter Anal) [Full HD 1080p] 2.78 GB

Haley Reed (Dark Chocolate Easter Anal) [Full HD 1080p]

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. Haley Reed was slowly undressing for her morning shower. As the water was rinsing over here beautiful young body Easter Bunny Charlie Mac opened the front door and hopped in. He started to hide Easter Eggs all over the house. Then he hopped to hide more eggs in the garden. He saw Haley in the shower. His nose almost got stuck on the glass. She did not notice him though. He dropped a few eggs on the floor and in the bedroom. Then he climbed into her bed, hid his giant dick in a giant egg and covered himself with a blanket. Haley got out of the shower. She noticed eggs on the floor and followed the trail to the bedroom. Surprise, a giant egg on her bed. She opened it! Her eyes got big! There was the biggest dick inside. Quickly she started to compare it to her body parts. It was giant. She sucked it. Then the Easter Bunny came out of her bed and started to fuck her. Bunnies can fuck really fast and they can fuck anywhere they want. So he switched for the other hole. His giant dick was spreading her asshole wide. He fucked her and fucked her until her ass was wide open. Then he came all over her face. She was looking forward to seeing him next year!

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