Kylie Shay (A Body Made For Sin) [HD 720p] 522.7 MB

Kylie Shay (A Body Made For Sin) [HD 720p] 522.7 MB

Kylie Shay (A Body Made For Sin) [HD 720p]

20 year old fast food worker Kylie wandered into the office today. She’s tiny tiny measuring in at a whole 4 foot 10 inches, and little does she know it, but she’s here to do some very naughty things. Little Kylie is a hoot. She got a great personality, super bubbly, cute, and fun. Also, not sure you noticed, but she’s got some of the nicest tits I’ve ever seen. YOWZA. Kylie works in fast food, and as you can imagine she’s got quite a bit of attention over the years after those tits popped up. So why not take all that attention and get paid for it eh? At least that’s her thought process, so Rick and I will oblige and we’ll see if she’s got what it takes. The interview goes as it usually goes. We get to know her, have some fun, share some laughs. I know all we wanna see are those huge melons though. They’re just as amazing as we all hoped they’d be too. Back on the couch and dildo in hand, those little feet don’t even tough the ground, how adorable. She plays wiht the vibrator, getting niiiice and creamy. The buttplug insertion is crazy hot, she doesn't even take the dildo out!!!!! She’s got a good idea of what’s coming next and suddenly my cock is in her mouth. She’s give amazing head looking up at me with those big blue eyes. This girl was made for the skin biz. I smash that creamy pussy for a while, and move over to that tight butthole. I break open that sweet asshole in the side spoon, then she gets some nice doggy, a couple more positions, some ass to mouth and baby gapes later she’s on her knees working my cock for all that delicious cum. I make it a point to blast pretty much all my load right down her throat. She saves enough to play with before swallowing it all down like the good little gal she is. Back on the couch couch she’s still as cute bubbly and smiley as always. I really do think this type of work is for her with that body of sin. However, she’s not getting any money from us today and off she goes, back to the drive thru… would you like fries with that?

Porno Genre: Anal, Cum swallowing, Amateur

Duration: 01:01:12 

Quality: HD 

Type Quality: 720p

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Size: 522.7 MB